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When you leave DeMontrond® Toyota a positive review, you help share your experiences so that another customer can see all the benefits that come with shopping our servicing here. There are so many car dealerships out there that take advantage of the customers and we've worked hard to be a dealership that puts customer service first! Perhaps you've shopped around and have gone to the different dealerships in the area, only to be frustrated and disappointed, before you found the friendly team here at our Texas City, TX location! Save someone else the trouble of going through the bad experiences that you had to endure, write an honest review of our services and share it with the world!

When you leave our Toyota dealership a positive review, you also help reinforce our community spirit and boost the morale of our employees. While we concern ourselves with the well-being of our customers, we also look out for our Toyota team members and relish the opportunity to say job well done when we get a new review. Did one of our staff members go above and beyond to assist you in your Toyota Prius car shopping process? We'd love to read all about that in your review as well so that we may appropriately thank that associate for upholding our values.

Leaving a quick review only takes a few minutes and is much appreciated, make use of our online form now to share your thoughts and feelings. We thank you for being valued customers of DeMontrond® Toyota and look forward to serving you now and for years to come!

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